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The overriding objective of the DDCA Board is to ensure that the goals and objectives of the association are met. The DDCA Board must work as a team and are dependent on each other to ensure that their decisions and actions are in the best interest of the DDCA membership.  To become a board member, applications are  submitted when board positions become available.  Each board member serves for a two year term, and can reapply at the end of their term.

Joining the board of directors gave me the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of how our association works and the ability to use my role to foster growth and advocate for change for our dancers alongside some incredible colleagues. 


I highly recommend anyone in a current coaching role to consider serving at least a term during your tenure. It provides a new appreciation for those positions and allows the chance to make meaningful change within an organization we all love so much. 


- Erin Reed -

DDCA Performance Judge, 2016 - Current

DDCA Board of Directors, 2012-2016

Sam Barlow HS Head Coach, 2006-2016 

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