Oregon high schools dance teams are allowed the opportunity to host local dance team competitions at their schools, or at an approved off-campus location. Any competition that wishes to draw DDCA Member teams to their event and hire judges that are certified by the DDCA Judges Affiliation, needs to become a sanctioned DDCA event. The DDCA Judges Affiliation regulates event sanctioning, develops the competition schedule for the year, and schedules certified judges for DDCA sanctioned events. Teams must apply to host an event through the Judges Affiliation.

How to Host an Event

  1. Submit your completed application via email to the JA Commissioner and pay the $200 non-refundable deposit to the DDCA in order to reserve a date. Each school must have a representative at the mandatory Event Director’s meeting in order to reserve a date.

  2. The JA Commissioner & DDCA Board will assign events to the calendar based off of the following guidelines: DDCA Manual Chapter 5 Local Competitions.

  3. Any events that would like to move to another weekend after seeing the completed calendar may meet with the JA Commissioner and/or Scheduling Director and discuss the change.

  4. Any applications received after the Spring Meeting will have to select dates not already filled.

  5. Late applications will be required to pay additional funds to secure an open date:

    • Between June 1 - August 31: Non-refundable deposit of $250 with application.

    • Between September 1—October 12: Non-refundable deposit of $325 with application.

  6. Applications will be accepted after October 13 only to fill cancellations and/or with DDCA Board approval.

  7. Please send all competition documents to be posted to the website to ddcaweb@gmail.com