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2023-2024 Details Coming Soon

Junior, club and JV high school teams are invited to compete at the Oregon Junior Dance Team Championships (OJDTC). OJDTC is run by Debbie Kishpaugh and Sherry Summerville. OJDTC is not a sanctioned DDCA competition. Judges are not guaranteed to be certified DDCA/JA Performance or Technical Judges.

Divisions are set each year upon receiving entries. The divisions are likely to be divided as follows:

  • Mini division (school or private) not to exceed 3rd grade

  • Youth division (school or private) not to exceed 6th grade

  • School division-Small-not to exceed 8th grade

  • School division-Large-not to exceed 8th grade

  • Club division-Small-not to exceed 8th grade

  • Club division-Large -not to exceed 8th grade

  • Junior Varsity (school or private) not to exceed 11th grade

The rounds will be set upon receiving entries. There will be two rounds. Each team will perform only one time.  Trophies will be awarded to fifty percent of the teams entered in a division; not to exceed 5 placements.

There is no limit on the amount of teams a school or club may enter. However, there are strict guidelines to entering the correct age bracket. A team will be disqualified for having an over-age dancer in their group.

The DDCA All-State team is invited to perform during the event. DDCA Scholarship Recipients are encouraged to volunteer. Proceeds from the OJDTC are donated to the DDCA Scholarship Fund. Since 2004, OJDTC has donated more than $110,000 to the DDCA Scholarship fund. 

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