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Dance: Senior Spotlight with ... Laker Dancer Amelia Edelberg

The Lake Oswego senior talks why she joined Laker Dance, traveling to Nationals, and her plans after graduation

October 12, 2021 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

[Author’s note: “Senior Spotlight” is a miniseries offering a quick look at some of Oregon’s Class of 2022 dance standouts. Today, we are getting to know Lake Oswego dancer Amelia Edelberg. We provided Edelberg with a series of questions to answer. Here is what she had to say!]

OSAAtoday: Why did you decide to join your high school dance team?

Amelia Edelberg: I decided to join the Laker Dance Team beca

Amelia Edelberg is looking forward to her senior season as a Laker Dancer.

use even as a middle schooler, I heard so many amazing things about the team. Everyone from parents to peers talked to me about how much everyone loved the Laker Dancers. The team has always been so driven and inspired to improve more and more every year. It then became my goal to become a member of this hardworking team that never gave up. I knew that joining the team would give me confidence, as well as 28 new best friends. I knew entering high school as a freshman would be scary and I am so thankful that I had my dance community by my side.

OSAAtoday: What part of the dance team season is your favorite and why?

Edelberg: My favorite part of the dance team season is Nationals. During this season our team is super motivated and excited to travel together! The energy is always good and positive. You can tell that my teammates are super driven and inspired to perform our best. Everyone is working extremely hard and putting in extra time after practice. Being able to travel as a team is so fun and a great bonding experience! I love being able to dance on the National's stage with my best friends!

OSAAtoday: What style of dance do you most enjoy performing?

Edelberg: The style of dance that I most enjoy performing is definitely Pom!! I love the sharp hitting motions and being able to put all my energy out on the floor. It is always so high energy and gets the crowd excited! The facial expressions in Pom are so big and get you super hyped. One of the reasons I love performing Pom the most is seeing how excited my coaches get when we hit the floor. You can feel the energy from my teammates. I am always confident that every single one of us will perform our very best.

OSAAtoday: What’s next for you after graduation? Will you pursue dance after high school?

Edelberg: After graduation, I am hoping to attend a four- year university to study environmental science! I am super passionate about saving the planet and taking steps to reduce my carbon footprint. I do want to continue dancing after high school whether that means joining a college team or finding somewhere to take open classes. I can't imagine living a life without dance. I know that wherever I end up, I will find a way to continue pursuing my love for dance.

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