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Teams complete fall competition season

Clackamas and Canby tie for overall high score

December 11, 2019 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

LAKE OSWEGO -- Dance teams completed their fall competitive season Saturday with the 11th annual DDCA Category Championships at Lakeridge.

Teams representing 30 schools competed for fall state titles in 11 divisions. In drill down, 43 students competed in the Novice division and 49 students competed in the Advanced division. All routines and drill down participants had to qualify at competitions in November to compete at the DDCA Category Championships.

Clackamas’ small contemporary routine and Canby’s modern routine tied for overall high score of the day, with each team earning a 44.53. 

Results (first and second place; third place if applicable):

Large Pom: Lake Oswego (43.20), Lincoln (42.03), Tigard (40.87)

Small Pom: Gladstone (38.53), Southridge (38.40)

Large Contemporary: Canby (41.83), Sunset (40.93), Gresham (39.97) 

Small Contemporary: Clackamas (44.53), Westview (42.83), Sherwood (42.60)

Kick: Sheldon (40.83), Canby (39.80)

Large Hip Hop: Lake Oswego (42.01), Sherwood (41.90), South Albany (41.53) 

Small Hip Hop: Southridge (43.40), Westview (42.60), Sheldon (41.83)

Large Jazz: Tigard (40.60), Lakeridge (39.87), Lincoln (39.40)

Small Jazz: Valley Catholic (40.57), West Albany (38.20), Westview (37.37)

Modern: Canby (44.53), Glencoe (37.43), Sprague (37.40)

Novelty: Sheldon (40.77), Sprague (40.33), Sam Barlow (38.90) 

Advanced Drill Down: Hanna Li (Sprague), Kalista DeHarsh (Thurston), Hanna Gibson (Sam Barlow)

Novice Drill Down: Madison Middleton (Cleveland), Esther Thao (Sprague), Colleen Lovdokken (Thurston)

Through the generosity of spectators, the DDCA raised more than $1,100 for its scholarship fund. Dance team seniors have the opportunity to apply for DDCA Dance and Academic scholarships, which are awarded at the OSAA Championships in March. Dance teams will return to competition in February.

Advanced drill down winners (from left) Hanna Gibson of Barlow, Kalista DeHarsh of Thurston, and Hanna Li of Sprague.

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