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Oregon Dance Teams Need YOU!


Oregon’s Dance and Drill Coaches Association (DDCA), an organization of dance team coaches, judges, and affiliates throughout the state of Oregon, is excited to share some opportunities that are available in Oregon for dancers, choreographers, educators, advisors and/or mentors that are drawn to work with younger dancers and athletes within our junior high and high schools throughout Oregon. If you are someone who is interested in this opportunity or know someone who is, read on or share this with anyone you think would be excited by the opportunity.

Dance Team in Oregon is often an activity/sport that usually meets after school, and has a mix of new dancers and/or trained dancers that want to participate in a team activity at school. Performance opportunities often include performing halftime routines at football and basketball games, performing at school assemblies, participating in parades or events within the school’s town, and participating in dance team competitions organized by the DDCA during the late fall and winter season. As a dance team competing at DDCA competitions, these teams also have an opportunity to compete at the OSAA State Championships, held in Mid March.

One opportunity, and there are many positions available, is the role of Dance Team Coach! There are head coaching and assistant coaching positions available at many high schools and middle schools throughout Oregon. These positions are

often held by educators or mentors that may or may not have extensive dance training, but have experience leading or managing groups or students, or choreographers and dancers who are excited by an opportunity to lead young dancers. These leaders may have assistant coaches, hire choreographers, or work with the dancers themselves to create the dance routines for the events they plan to participate in. The teams that need coaches may have been well established for many years or can be schools that offer dance but can’t fill coaching positions. A Dance Team Coach not only has the time and desire to mentor and lead a team of young adults through the joy of dance, but also wants to guide these athletes to become productive, passionate, and successful adults.

Another opportunity within the DDCA organization is the role of Dance Team Judge! During the months of November-March, dance team competitions occur almost every weekend (with the exception of holiday breaks). These competitions include several categories of dance styles, with a rubric of what to look for and adjudicate in the 1-5 minute routines. If you are looking for a side job to do on weekends, judges are paid

for their time, trained for the role with an education and internship process, and have a lot of flexibility with choosing the weekend/events for which they are available. Often, dancers or coaches who have moved on from working on or directly with a dance team become judges, but there are also many judges who just love dance and want to be part of a dance experience.

Dance Teams are struggling to thrive after the extended pandemic away from school activities. It is time for dance teams to THRIVE again, and you can help make that happen. Please consider being a positive force for our young adults and help them succeed, grow, and bond as you guide them through a dance team experience. Dance Teams need you. You can contact or search your local school district for employment opportunity listings, or visit the DDCA website for general information, coaching opportunities, and judging opportunities. Website: Email:

Please direct anyone who might be interested in coaching or judging to this post, or have them reach out to the DDCA Board!


Dance and Drill Coaches Association Board of Directors (DDCA)

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