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Dance: Week 3 sees three teams earn three consecutive wins

Six routines are undefeated heading into the DDCA Category Championships

November 24, 2021 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

The third weekend of competition saw six routines from three schools remain undefeated heading into the DDCA Category Championships.

Canby (Modern, Contemporary, and Novelty), Sheldon (Jazz) and Sprague (Novelty) have each earned three consecutive first-place finishes with their respective routines.

The Sprague Olyannes finished week three with wins for both their Modern and Novelty routines.

“Now that we are at week three competitions and back in full swing, I’ve realized how much I

Captain Olivia Opton performs the Sprague Olyanne's Modern routine at the West Albany competition.

missed dance team, and how great the impact of missing competitions for over a year was,” Sprague captain Olivia Opton said. “It’s the part of my life I am most happy to get back after losing it to the pandemic.”

Other notable accomplishments in week three included: Back-to-back first place finishes for:

  • Tigard (Contemporary)

  • Forest Grove (Kick and Pom)

  • Mountainside (Jazz and Pom)

  • Lake Oswego (Pom and Hip Hop)

  • Westview (Hip Hop)

Three consecutive first place finishes for:

  • Sprague (Novelty)

  • Canby (Modern, Contemporary, and Novelty)

  • Sheldon (Jazz)

At the Reynolds competition, Lake Oswego (Hip Hop) and Canby (Contemporary) posted the highest scores of the day. Each team earned an 18.83 with their respective routine. In the Pom division, Forest Grove captured the highest score of the day at the West Albany competition. The Vikettes earned a 17.78 with their kick routine.

Teams competing in the fall are eligible to qualify for the DDCA Category Championships scheduled for Dec. 4 by placing first or second and earning a score of at least 13.6.

Reynolds Competition: Division: First Place, Second Place (if applicable)

  • Large Contemporary: Tigard* (16.67), Grant* (14.61)

  • Small Contemporary: Canby* (18.83), Valley Catholic* (17.72)

  • Large Hip Hop: Lake Oswego* (18.83), Gresham* (16.22)

  • Small Hip Hop: Westview* (17.89), Mountainside* (16.39)

  • Large Pom: Lake Oswego* (16.62), Lincoln* (16.50)

  • Small Pom: Mountainside* (16.33), Banks* (15.44)

  • Modern: Canby* (17.78)

  • Small Jazz: Mountainside* (16.00), Valley Catholic* (15.89)

  • Large Jazz: Tualatin* (16.39), Westview* (16.17)

  • Novelty: Canby* (16.00), Barlow* (15.72)

West Albany Competition: Division: First Place, Second Place (if applicable)

  • Modern: Sprague* (16.39), North Eugene (12.22)

  • Jazz: West Albany* (16.61), Sheldon* (16.06)

  • Kick: Forest Grove* (16.50), Thurston* (15.06)

  • Contemporary: West Albany* (16.83), Silverton* (15.28)

  • Pom: Forest Grove* (17.78), South Albany* (16.56)

  • Large Novelty: Sprague* (16.94), Sheldon* (16.50)

  • Small Novelty: Corvallis* (14.56), Philomath* (14.06)

  • Large Hip Hop: Thurston (12.17)

  • Small Hip Hop: South Albany* (16.22), Lebanon* (16.00)

*Denotes team qualified for the DDCA Category Championships.

“Dance is more than leaps and turns. There’s a lot of power in combining movement with music and using it as a way to communicate to an audience and evoke an emotional response,” Sprague senior Ayiesha Chang said. “That’s what I initially fell in love with. But the reason I stayed in love is because of the people who share the same passion and create a welcoming environment in which we can all work hard towards a common goal. I am nothing without my team and everything because of them.”

You can catch dance teams in action one final time this fall on Dec. 4 at the DDCA Category Championships.

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