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  • Danielle Schneider

Dance: Week 2 sees more teams returning to competition

Five teams earn back-to-back first-place finishes

November 16, 2021 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

The second weekend of competition saw many teams returning for Round 2 of competition and several teams competing for the first time this season.

Competing for the first time this fall, the Valley Catholic Charisma found success with both their Contemporary and Jazz routines.

he Valley Catholic Charisma perform their Contemporary routine at the Nelson Competition.

The 4A Charisma finished second with both routines, placing behind 6A Canby and 6A Sheldon respectively, in their debut weekend.

"We are thankful to be back out on the competition floor,” said Charisma coach Jessica Anderson, “and are so excited to see all Oregon dance teams back doing what they love.”

Other notable accomplishments included: Back-to-back first place finishes for:

  • Clackamas (Contemporary and Modern)

  • Lebanon (Hip Hop)

  • Sprague (Novelty)

  • Canby (Modern, Contemporary, and Novelty)

  • Sheldon (Jazz)

Westview competed for the first time this season and posted the highest score to date. The Wildthings earned a 19.44 for their Hip Hop routine.

Teams competing in the fall are eligible to qualify for the DDCA Category Championships scheduled for December 4 by placing first or second and earning a score of at least 13.6.

Clackamas Competition Division: First Place, Second Place (if applicable)

  • Large Contemporary: Tigard* (15.44), Grant* (14.50)

  • Small Contemporary: Clackamas* (17.44), Sunset* (16.00)

  • Hip Hop: Lebanon* (14.56), Mountainside* (14.23)

  • Large Pom: Forest Grove* (17.22), Tigard* (16.28)

  • Modern: Clackamas* (16.78), Glencoe* (15.17)

  • Jazz: Mountainside* (16.44), Tualatin* (15.61)

  • Kick: Forest Grove* (14.56)

  • Small Pom: Mountainside* (16.78), Lebanon* (15.61)

  • Novelty: Sprague* (15.78), Tualatin* (14.26)

Nelson Competition Division: First Place, Second Place (if applicable)

  • Modern: Canby* (16.28)

  • Large Jazz: Westview* (16.83), Scappoose* (16.78)

  • Small Jazz: Sheldon* (16.17), Valley Catholic* (16.11)

  • Large Contemporary: Canby* (18.83), Valley Catholic* (17.78)

  • Small Contemporary: Nelson* (18.83), Sheldon* (15.67)

  • Large Pom: Lake Oswego* (17.72), Sherwood* (17.56)

  • Small Pom: South Albany* (17.22), Nelson* (17.17)

  • Large Novelty: Canby* (15.94), Sheldon* (14.94)

  • Small Novelty: Philomath* (14.33), Nelson (12.56)

  • Large Hip Hop: Lake Oswego* (18.33), Sherwood* (17.39)

  • Small Hip Hop: Westview* (19.44), Scappoose* (17.89)

*Denotes team qualified for the DDCA Category Championships.

Dance teams continue their fall competition schedule with events hosted by Reynolds and West Albany on Nov. 20 where teams will have one final chance to qualify for the DDCA Category Championships.

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