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Dance: Senior Spotlight with ... Manuel Hernandez Rojas

The Reynolds senior talks the best advice he has received from his coach and why he enjoys competition days.

December 29, 2021 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

[Author’s note: “Senior Spotlight” is a miniseries offering a quick look at some of Oregon’s Class of 2022 dance standouts. Today, we are getting to know Reynolds dancer Manuel Hernandez Rojas. Hernandez Rojas is a two-year Raider Dancer team captain. We provided Hernandez Rojas with a series of questions to answer. Here is what he shared!]

OSAAtoday: What style of dance do you enjoy performing the most? Manuel Hernandez Rojas: I love learning and performing contemporary pieces the most. I find so much beauty in them.

Raider Dancer Manuel Hernandez Rojas enjoys spending competition days with his teammates.

OSAAtoday: What’s the wisest thing a coach ever said to you? Hernandez Rojas: Something my coach told me that helped me a lot was, “Fake it ‘til you make it!” I know this is a common saying, but it really helps you believe in yourself that you can do anything! It’s like putting yourself into the shoes of someone who can do it and becoming that person.

OSAAtoday: What part of the dance team season is your favorite and why? Hernandez Rojas: My favorite part of the dance team season is competition days! It means getting to spend the whole day with my team. We get to be with each other from morning to night. It just brings us closer and really feels like a family. Competition days are also where we get to show everyone our routines and all of our hard work and just leave it on the floor. OSAAtoday: What’s next for you after graduation? Will you pursue dance after high school? Hernandez Rojas: I hope to continue dance in some way after high school. I will be studying engineering in college and am still deciding where I want to go!

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