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Dance: Senior Spotlight with ... Hi-Stepper Cami Meyer

The West Albany senior talks what she loves about dance team, why she enjoys culinary class and pursuing dance as a career

December 15, 2021 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

[Author’s note: “Senior Spotlight” is a miniseries offering a quick look at some of Oregon’s Class of 2022 dance standouts. Today, we are getting to know West Albany dancer Cami Meyer. Meyer is a current Hi-Stepper four-year team member, assistant coach for the Albany Gems Dance Team (elementary/middle school team), a member of National Honors Society and West Albany’s Freshman Learning and Seniors Helping Group. We provided Meyer with a series of questions to answer. Read what she had to say!]

OSAAtoday: What style of dance do you enjoy performing the most? Cami Meyer: My favorite style of dance to perform is Novelty or Pom. I love these styles

Hi-Stepper Cami Meyer also serves as an assistant coach for the Albany Gems Dance Team.

because of the amount of energy it takes for the routines. I love dancing to my fullest potential and with these two styles I always feel on cloud nine. I love being able to perform over the top with lots of facials and my movements. I also love the idea of telling a story through dance. My favorite thing about performing Novelty and Pom is the adrenaline and excitement I feel while dancing with my team. The audience also loves these routines because they are so fun to watch. The audience makes the whole experience ten times better.

OSAAtoday: What part of the dance team season is your favorite and why? Meyer: My favorite part of the dance team season is going to competitions. I love being able to spend the whole day with my team and to bond with them on a whole new level. We always have so much fun getting ready and dancing together. I love being able to show off all the hard work my team has put into our dances. Another one of my favorite parts of competitions is seeing my friends from other teams. I love being able to watch and cheer on all the dancers with my team.

OSAAtoday: What is your favorite class in school and why? Meyer: My favorite class I’m taking in school is Culinary 4. A major part of this class is holding a restaurant for the staff and parents. Every week my classmates and I prep, cook, and serve food according to menus that our class makes. I love being able to share something I love with the teachers I see every day. They are so supportive of our whole team and never fail to tell us how much they enjoyed our food. I also love the environment we’ve created in the kitchen. My classmates and I become closer every day and always have as much fun as we can. Everyone in the class is so supportive of each other through all the ups and downs we’ve experienced.

OSAAtoday: What’s next for you after graduation? Will you pursue dance after high school? Meyer: After I graduate from high school, I plan on continuing dance as a career. I plan on attending all available auditions to gain experience in the industry. My main goals are to be able to perform on cruise ships, concert tours, and in Disneyland. I have always loved to dance since I was four years old and couldn’t imagine my life going in another direction.

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