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Dance: Coach Spotlight with ... Tigard’s David McCall

The Tigard coach talks how he got started in dance, his advice to younger dancers, and his greatest coaching success

May 2, 2021 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

[Author’s note: “Coach Spotlight” is a miniseries offering a quick look at some of Oregon’s dance team coaches. Today, we are getting to know Tigard assistant coach David McCall. McCall is the chairperson of the Dance Drill Coaches Association Board of Directors and has also served as a performance judge at both local and state dance competitions. We provided McCall with a series of questions to answer. Here is what he shared!]

McCall has been coaching high school dance for 35 years. He began coaching at his alma mater, Grants Pass, followed by a brief stint at Sherwood. After leaving Sherwood, he coached the Gresham Rhythmettes before landing long-term at Tigard. He has coached with Tigard Head Coach, Linda Sheron, for over 20 years.

David McCall has coached high school dance for 35 years.

OSAAtoday: How did you get into coaching? What is your dance background?

McCall: I started with dance at Grants Pass and from there I went into the dance program at Southern Oregon State College (now Southern Oregon University). I trained and danced with the State Ballet of Oregon. After college, I danced professionally and competed in many dance competitions including the Unites States Tournament of Dance until a knee injury ended my career. In college, I coached at Grants Pass and when the knee injury prevented me from going forward as a dancer, I was able to dive into coaching and choreography full time.

OSAAtoday: What’s your best dance tip for a male student wishing to get into dance or to continue dance after high school?

McCall: Do It! Jump right in! With shows like With So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, we have seen the amazing abilities of many male dancers. Step up and be something to be remembered.

OSAAtoday: As you look back at your coaching career what is your greatest success to date?

McCall: My greatest success is staying connected to my dancers after they graduate high school. It’s an honor to receive wedding invites, baby shower announcements, and see former students in professional shows and companies. I have former dancers now coaching their own teams and even beating me!

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