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Dance: All divisions crown new state champions

Clackamas, Lake Oswego, Valley Catholic and West Albany capture state titles

March 25, 2022 by Danielle Schneider, OSAAtoday

The OSAA/OnPoint Community Credit Union dance and drill state championships were March 18 and 19 at Oregon City High School.

The building was filled with excitement as dancers prepared to compete for the state title for the first time since 2019.

The past two years haven’t been easy, and even as restrictions lifted, teams still faced challenges with dancers in quarantine, virtual practices, and having to make challenges on the fly as rules changed. Making it to the state competition took dedication, resilience, and a passion for dance.

Show division Performing its piece titled “Brick by Brick,” Clackamas (17.08) captured the Show division state title. The Cavalettes last won the Show division in 2013.

2022 state dance champions: Clackamas, Lake Oswego, Valley Catholic, and West Albany.

“We are just so proud of this team,” Clackamas coach Makenna Vickroy said. “After two years not competing in person, it makes this win so much sweeter. All their hard work and dedication showed on Friday. We couldn’t have asked for a better performance from our team.”

This is the Cavalettes' first state title under Vickroy and the program’s seventh since 1987, when OSAA officially began offering a state competition for dance.

Five one-hundredths of a point separated Clackamas from runner-up Sprague (17.03). Canby finished third (16.33) and Sheldon (16.31) was fourth. Grant’s score of 15.33 was enough for the Gendrills to capture the fifth-place trophy.

The remaining teams in the Show division finished: 6. Putnam (15.28), 7. Forest Grove (14.86), 8. West Linn (14.36), 9. Cleveland (14.17), 10. Glencoe (14.14), and 11. David Douglas (13.01). In the drill-down competition, Putnam senior Jordyn Mitchelldyer took first place. The remaining top six competitors finished: 2. Alexis Wentworth, Forest Grove; 3. Kayla Pobuda, Sprague; 4. Ayiesha Chang, Sprague, 5. Marissa Van Hoose, Canby, 6. Xitlali Ramirez, Cleveland.

6A division Dancing to “How Will I Know,” Lake Oswego (17.86) was crowned the 6A champion. This was the Laker Dancers' first state title since 2015.

“Our 21-22 team is incredibly special,” Lake Oswego coach Hayley DuLong said. “They worked so hard through COVID restrictions, and due to the lack of opportunities last season, they were extremely motivated to put their heart and soul into everything they were involved in this year. It’s rare to have every member of a team, especially a big team, fully invested 100 percent. They are a coach’s dream. Never once did I have to ask them work harder, go more full-out, practice outside of practice ... they just did it so proud."

This is Lake Oswego's sixth state title under DuLong and the program’s ninth since 1987. The Sherwood Arrows finished second (17.58) and Tigard took third (17.42). In a rare occurrence, Gresham and Tualatin tied in overall score (16.56) and ordinals. Both teams took home a fourth-place trophy.

The remaining teams in the 6A finished: 6. Westview (16.53), 7. Mountainside (16.42), 8. Nelson (16.06), 9. Lincoln (15.86), 10. Sunset, (15.64), 11. Barlow (15.11), 12. Lakeridge (14.89), 13. Oregon City (14.64), 14. Centennial, (14.28), 15. Century (11.94), 16. Reynolds (11.92), 17. Bend (11.86), 18. Sandy (10.03).

In the 6A drill-down competition, Barlow captured three of the top-six placements. Senior Tinh Vo, Tigard, finished in first place. The remaining top six competitors finished: 2. Alivia Siscaretti, Centennial, 3. Marley Seet, Barlow, 4. Harley Watson, Barlow, 5. Bella Lehmann, Lincoln, 6). Claire Wilson, Barlow.

5A division Its performance of “Wildlife" earned West Albany (17.86) the 5A title. This was the Hi-Steppers' first state title since 2007.

"We are so thrilled to bring the state title to West Albany,” West Albany coach Haven Barrett said. “This hasn't been accomplished in 15 years at West Albany, so being able to watch all our dancers hard work finally get recognized is an amazing feeling. As their coach, I couldn't be prouder of them. They worked so hard and left everything out on the floor when they performed. We have a had an incredible season and being crowned the 2022 5A state champs was the best feeling."

This is West Albany’s first state title under Barrett and the program’s seventh since 1987. Scappoose finished second (16.19) followed by North Eugene (15.86). Silverton (15.75) brought home the fourth-place trophy. Lebanon was fifth (15.36).

The remaining teams in the 5A division finished: 6. Pendleton (15.14), 7. South Albany (14.97), 8. Wilsonville (14.92), 9. Parkrose (14.28), 10. Thurston (13.81), 11. LaSalle (13.67), 12. Milwaukie (13.44), 13. Corvallis (12.11), 14. Willamette (9.92)

The 5A drill-down competition saw another rarity for the state competition with a freshman capturing the top spot. 5A drill-down results: 1. Addison Schrotzberger, Scappoose, 2. Lily Brown, Parkrose, 3. Kalista Daharsh, Thurston, 4. Kaylie Schrotzberger, Scappoose, 5. Kloe Cook, Scappoose, 6. Payton Cox, Thurston.

4A/3A/2A/1A division It was a perfect ending for Valley Catholic when its performance of “Writer’s Block" earned the Charisma (18.03) the state title. The Charisma most recently earned the 4A3A/2A/1A state title in 2018.

“Even though state was at a new location, it was still a magical day,” Valley Catholic captain Mia Wilson said. “It was so amazing being with all the teams and seeing all the hard work we have all put in. I will never forget the Grand Finale performance, with the whole audience cheering for the dancers.”

This is Valley Catholic’s eighth state title, all of which have been won under coach Jessica Anderson.

Stayton finished second (17.22). Astoria (16.08) brought home the third-place trophy. Banks (15.67) finished in fourth place. Philomath was fifth (15.02).

The remaining teams in the 4A-1A division finished: 6. Gladstone (14.72), 7. Marshfield (14.56), 8. Grant Union (11.89), 9. Estacada (11.64), 10. Amity (11.42), 11. Woodburn (11.39).

In the drill-down competition Gladstone had three dancers place in the top six. Banks senior Sam Lockamy finished first. The remaining top-six placements were: 2. Elizabeth Law, Valley Catholic, 3. Isabella Frias, Valley Catholic, 4. Olivia Gustafson, Gladstone, 5. Abby Salgado, Gladstone, 6. Hailey Specht, Gladstone.

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