About Junior Dance Team Members

Junior Dance Teams within the DDCA are those teams that wish to become a part of our membership and participate in our DDCA events, but are outside the high school varsity dance team level. These teams consist of JV High School, High School Club, Junior High School, Middle School, Elementary School, and Mini Teams.

Goals of Junior Dance Teams

It is our goal, at the Junior Teams (Junior High/Middle School) level, to provide a very rapidly growing activity with quality, organized events for the participants and coaches. It is our goal as the DDCA to encourage the growth of these programs by providing education, information, and support for coaches.

Junior Teams wishing to compete at sanctioned DDCA competitions must be members of the DDCA. For more information on how to become a member, please visit the DDCA Membership page.

Judging, Rules, & Penalties

  • Junior Teams competing at sanctioned DDCA High School or Junior Team events are judged by DDCA/JA certified Performance Judges and Technical Judges, and follow the DDCA/JA Scoresheets.
  • All Junior Teams must follow the performance and technical rules set forth by DDCA/NFHS and OSAA.
  • There is no minimum time requirement, but there is a 3 minute maximum of music.
  • Pre-high school Junior Teams are judged by the Junior Teams Scoresheet (“Middle School Scoresheet”)
  • JV and Club Teams are judged on the same scoresheets as the high school dance teams


Penalties for Junior Teams are as follows:

10 points High School = 2 points Junior Teams
5 points High School = 1 point Junior Teams
3 points High School = 0.6 points Junior Teams
1 points High School = 0.2 points Junior Teams

For more information about DDCA Membership & registering to become a DDCA Member, please visit the DDCA Members page.

Quick Links

Here are some quick links to useful information for DDCA Junior Members including Board Minutes, the DDCA Manual, Junior Championships, Scoresheets and more. Additional resources and documents can be found on the Resources page.

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