Goals of Technical Judges

NFHS Spirit Rules exist to maintain a high level of safety and integrity in dance teams as a high school sport. Teams that have infractions at a competition during the dance team season will be notified through the Technical Penalty sheet.

It is the responsibility of each Coach to review and understand all of the technical rules and regulations. Coaches need to make sure that ALL coaching staff/choreographers are made aware of these rules and attend the OSAA Safety Clinic.

**See Chapter 7 of the JA Manual for the Technical portion of the Manual**

Spirit Rules Placemat 2016-2017

NFHS Spirit Website

Questions about NFHS Rules and/or complaints about an assessed penalty should be directed to the OSAA Spirit Rules Interpreter: Amanda Wilcox

Any personnel issues regarding Technical Judges should be directed to the JA Technical Director: Dankika Streater

At An Event

A team who receives a 10 point penalty during first round will be contacted by the technical judges and allowed to fix the issue between rounds.


Tech Judge Eval of JD and Event

How to Become a Technical Judge

  • Contact the JA Technical Director if interested in becoming a Technical Judge.
  • See the Technical Manual for more information.
  • Must attend the annual Technical Training, offered before the season begins in the fall.
  • Must intern at a minimum of 1 event in order to earn certification.