Manuals & Resources

Here are some quick links to guidelines and manuals for judges.
JA Manual

Meeting Minutes

JA Leadership-Nov. 2017
JA Leadership-December 2016
JA Leadership-September 2016
JA Leadership-August 2016 Part II
JA Leadership-August 2016
JA Leadership-July 2016 Part II
JA Leadership-July 2016


Category & Traditional Season Scoresheet
Judging Rubric
Tabulation Tote Sheet – 1 Round
Tabulation Tote Sheet – 2 Rounds


Mini Placemat
Full Placemat & Judging Rubric

Tote Sheets

Scoresheet – Multi-Team Tote
Scoresheet – Verbiage & Tally Sheet
Tally Tote Sheet
Scoresheet –Linear Scale Tote Totals
Team Notes Tote

Workshop Materials

2016 Fall Workshop Presentation
2017 Winter Workshop Presentation
Technical Dance Terminology & Content/Effect Concepts

Personnel Fees

Personnel Salary & Mileage Fees

Evaluation Forms

Coach Eval of Judges Affiliate 2017-2018

Head Judge Eval of Event and Staff 2017-2018

Judge Eval of Staff and Event 2017-2018