Judges Affiliation

The Oregon Dance and Drill Judges Affiliation exists for the purpose of training, educating, evaluating and commissioning performance judges within the state of Oregon. It supports the overall functioning and foundation of the Dance Drill Coaches Association, the dance and drill team venue, and operates with the driving premise of creating a quality competitive environment within the state. Its operations, teachings, and philosophies are centered on the principal objective of promoting excellence in judges, coaches and performers.

JA Leadership Team

JA Commissioner: Hayley Kimble
JA Scheduling Director: Kari Wallingford
JA Evaluation Director: Tami Smith
JA Education Directors: Karissa Dean & Tami Smith
JA Internship & Recruitment Director: Allison Ziarnik
JA Tabulation & IT Director: Kristin Alarcon
JA Technical Director: Shannon Marrs

For more information about the Judges Affiliation, please visit the About the JA page.

Evaluation Forms

MT Eval of HJ and Event
HJ Evaluation of Self
Performance Judge Evaluation of HJ and Event
Performance Judge Evaluation of Self
HJ Eval of All Staff – 6 Judges
HJ Eval of All Staff – 3 Judges
Tech Judge Eval of HJ and Event
Coach Eval of a Performance Judge

How To Become a Performance Judge

Please contact Allison Ziarnik to get started.

Judges Affiliation Performance Intern Packet

Judges Affiliation Internship Application

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