About All-State Auditions

Every year, high school dance team seniors are invited to audition for the DDCA All-State Team, a very high honor and long-standing tradition amongst Oregon dance teams. The auditions are held in January, usually during the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday weekend. Dancers are judged according to their OSAA Classification, and three separate All-State Teams are selected (1A-4A, 5A and 6A All-State Teams). The All-State recipients are announced during the preliminary round at the OSAA State Championships in March, and dancers then perform the All-State Audition Routine at the end of the Final Round of the OSAA State Championships.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must have Senior academic standing and be on track to graduate by June.
  • Candidates must be a member of an Oregon high school dance team at the time of the OSAA State Championships.
  • Candidates must be a Varsity dance team member.
  • Team members may apply if all coaches affiliated with their team are members of the DDCA. That team must be an active member of the DDCA and participate in at least two sanctioned competitions during the year, or compete at the OSAA State Championships.

All-State Audition Process

All-State Auditions are now conducted in a one-day format. This means candidates will audition the jazz section of the All-State Routine, learn the hip-hop and contemporary sections of the All-State Routine, and audition the All-State Routine in it’s entirety all in the same day. The jazz section of the routine will be posted online for dancers to learn BEFORE auditions (by January 1st). All-State will start with a short warm-up, have a short jazz review session and go directly into the Jazz Auditions, so dancers need to come ready to audition for the judges. After the first round of auditions, the judges will make cuts, and invite the finalists back to learn the hip-hop and contemporary sections of All-State Audition Routine. The complete All-State Routine is now more advanced and consists of three distinct styles: Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. After learning the remaining sections of the All-State Routine, finalists will audition the All-State Routine in it’s entirety for the judges.

Audition Call-Backs

After all dancers have finished being judged in their classification (1A-4A, 5A, 6A), there will be a review/call-back in which the dancers will perform the All-State Routine in their group for the judges one last time. If judges have difficult decisions to make, then they may call back dancers multiple times, in different groupings. Likewise, dancers auditioning for All-State will need to stay until the end of the evening; no matter what time they auditioned.

All-State: What to Expect

Tips for Dancers

Drop-In Dance Classes

This year, there will not be any drop-in classes offered. Instead, on the day of auditions, dancers that do not make the jazz cuts will still be invited to learn the hip-hop and contemporary sections of the All-State Routine as well. That group will learn at the same time the All-State Routine is being taught to those still in the audition process, however in a different gym. This way, ALL seniors will still learn the entire All-State Routine.

Not sure if your dancer is skilled enough to audition? These documents may help:
Required Technical Skills
Coaches Evaluation of Dancers

All-State 2018 — Event & Registration Information

All-State Auditions will be held on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at Gresham High School. For more details about the venue, please view the event on the DDCA Calendar.

The official schedule for the day will be sent with the January newsletter. Plan for a full day at Gresham High School, with check in and registration tentatively starting around 8am.

Map to Gresham High School

Registration & Payment Information

All-State registration is due no later than Saturday December 2, 2017. Late Registrations are accepted until December 16th and will incur a $5 per dancer late fee. When registering, please submit payment via Paypal; if paying by check, please mail ONE team check for all dancers to the DDCA address below – do not send individual payments.  Team payments are due and checks must be postmarked by December 16th. Late payments are subject to a $5 per dancer late fee. There are no refunds for drops or no-shows.

PO Box 821
Gresham, Or 97030

If you are a coach and have not received the registration information for All-State, please contact us immediately. Only registered DDCA Members will receive All-State information via email. If you have any questions regarding the All-State procedures, please contact the All-State Directors or the DDCA Board. Additional details for All-State 2018 will be posted online as they become available.

Register HERE!
Eligibility and Registration Rules

All-State FYI’s

  • Dancers will audition within their classifications; 6A, 5A and 1-4A.
  • Learning from video can be tough, judges know to look for technique, performance quality, recovery and projection. If some interpretations of the moves are slightly different dancer to dancer, judges do not penalize.
  • Within the classifications approximately 50-55% of dancers move to the second round.
  • After second round auditions, approximately 50-55% percent of those dancers are selected for the All-State Team; meaning approximately 25% of seniors from each classification in Oregon make the All-State Team.
  • All dancers are asked to return for call backs.
  • It is a long day, while dancers may only be in the gym for 10-15 minutes, please remember judges and staff are working during the entire scheduled audition time. Event personnel also need time to tabulate scores, eat and take bathroom breaks. Your patience with the process is appreciated.

All-State 2018 — Music & Videos

All-State 2018 Videos
All seniors auditioning should come knowing the Jazz portion of the routine. There will be a short review session the morning of All-State, then dancers will audition the Jazz portion for the judges.

All-State 2018 Music
Dancers are encouraged to listen and get familiar with the music so they are ready for choreography. On Windows right-click and choose “Save Link As…” to download a copy to your local machine.

Previous All-State Routines

To view past Technical Across-the-Floors & All-State Routines, please visit the Video page below.

All-State 2017 Videos
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All-State 2016 Music
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All-State 2015 Music
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Technique Counts
All-State 2014 Music

To view the 2013 Technical Across-the-Floor & All-State Routine, please visit the 2013 Archive page below.
All-State 2013 Videos

All-State Assistants

Every year we select elite dance team alumni to be our All-State Assistants during the auditions. These dancers will learn the material before auditions and assist the choreographers and judges throughout the audition process. Assistants are there to demonstrate proper technique and dance ability for all All-State material. These dancers should be previous All-State Team members, collegiate or professional dancers with excellent dance technique and abilities. If you are interested in applying to be an All-State Assistant, please click the link below to fill out an application.

All State Assistants Needed! Apply HERE

For other questions regarding All-State, please email the All-State Directors or DDCA Board.

Thank you!

Liisa Stockbridge — DDCA All-State Director

DDCA Board of Directors