What is the DDCA?

The Dance and Drill Coaches Association of Oregon is the organization that oversees the competitive activities of High School Dance and Drill Teams in the State of Oregon.

Goals of the DDCA

The DDCA supports and endorses the following dance team coaching Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide a wholesome environment and medium for students in high school to entertain audiences through team dance/drill performances.
  • To participate in school functions and contribute to the spirit and pride of the high school settings.
  • To stress the importance of competition as a means of motivation to excellence and not as an end in itself.
  • To teach physical fitness through activity. The specific skills associated with this activity include but are not limited to: endurance, flexibility, rhythm, coordination and nutrition.
  • To teach emotional fitness through teamwork. The specific skills associated with the activity include but are not limited to: dependability, responsibility, commitment, sportsmanship, discipline, and awareness of the capabilities of others.
  • To instill an appreciation of dance as an art form and encourage students to recognize and appreciate the originality, creativity, and variety of movement associated with dance.
  • To teach cooperation, to practice appropriate sportsmanship, accept and give constructive criticism, and encourage support of team members and other teams.
  • To teach the value of working together toward common goals through team activities. Some activities might include fundraising, practicing, team building activities, teaching, etc.
  • To take pride in ones appearance and cleanliness.
  • To serve member coaches by supporting and providing a building block for them.
  • To encourage positive parental involvement.

DDCA Board of Directors

Jan Phaigh 6A
Jennifer Wilson 6A
Amanda GaVette 5A
Sue Robertson Associate
Hayley DuLong 6A
Jennifer Chaffee 6A, Board Chair
Liisa Stockbridge 6A
Amanda Estes 4A
Marlena Nunley 6A

For more information please refer to the
DDCA Manual or DDCA Members page.

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